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The KEY Mentor Group was founded by Rey & Samantha Domingo, a proud Veteran & Military Spouse, in February 2021 with the dream to make a difference for the global military community during the height of the pandemic.

The KEY Mentor Group has over 250+ vetted mentors from over 150+ companies. We offer a robust network of mentors spanning multiple industries & verticals ranging from entry level to CEO's. From corporate for-profits to military employment non-profits. From government & federal services to entrepreneurs of Veteran & Military Spouse owned businesses. 

Through The KEY Mentor Group, a mentee can seek guidance, employment or morale support in every stage of their military or civilian career. Their cost? Free! All that we ask is for our mentees to pay it forward, elevate & lend a hand to those that follow behind you.

Over the past year, The KEY has continued to expand our footprint by adding additional services to our organization with a mission focused on our core vision - creating opportunities for connection, collaboration & career elevation. 

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